Now I just wanna make out with all the hot girls I see. Especially the ones that look me up and down. Mmm.

I told a (straight) girl her ass was fantastic and she said I was an angel and hot af. Then we danced and made out.

Last night was fun.

I don’t want to leave the house.
I hate myself.

I’m fucking 200 ibs.
I’m disgusted.

shawdae: 24? 

24: My relationship with my parent(s)

My Mum and I are super close. I completely respect her as my parent, but also as a person, friend, mentor, and anything else with a respectful title. She’s funny, honest, caring, smart, hard-working, giving, loyal, awkward, silly, etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, I love her with everything I have.

I haven’t spoken to my dad in 5-6 yrs. and don’t plan on it anytime soon. I could say all the horrible things about him that I normally do, but I’m trying my hardest not to put my energy into it anymore.

I’ve had 4 fucking Cyclone popsicles tonight and 3 apple juice boxes. I’m craving sugar soooo bad tonight, and I never crave sugar! Like, there’s a whole bag of jalapeno Cheetos, and those are MY LIFE, but have I touched them? Nope. All I want are popsicles, juice, pop, and more popsicles. Liquid sugar. At 12:14 am…. and I work at 9 am…. I’m blaming this on my ever-changing period “symptoms”. Like, wtf.

Met a girl for drinks off tinder on Friday and of POF tonight. Both went so well! I think making friends and going on dates is actually doable, and can be quite enjoyable :)

Yay for having a social life and meeting new people!

Sick again. 2 weeks of feeling like a normal person, then poof, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, and fatigue.

Now I just want tea, to snuggle up in a blanket with a cutie, and binge watch Breaking Bad.

I’m at $0 in my chequing and savings account after dealing with the NSLSC and I feel completely drained, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have no hope for how the rest of this year is going to pan out for me financially.

Everyone in my house lives payday to payday and it’s been like that for years. I hate how giving and forgetful I am with money, because it always bites me in the fucking ass. I wish karma or something would help us out. Not including me, because I clearly still have a lot to learn in regards to being cautious and frugal. But my Mum and stepdad, they really need the help; they have never caught a break when it comes to money. Ever.

We’re all so tried of getting kicked, no pummelled, when we’re already down.

Need to get up and get ready to have lunch for the first time with a cute girl…. But my dog is in deep sleep and snoring at the end of my bed and I just can’t bear to wake him.

Is it just me, or does anyone else actually like going to bed when you’re still drunk? Like, completely buzzing,l and relaxed at the same time; and the spinning room is actually kind of relaxing?

No? Ah well, I’ve always been a weird drunk.

I really hate it when I fall for a friend. And I mean really hard. And for a friend that doesn’t, and will never, feel the same way back.
I can’t be there for them like they deserve, and like I want to. I can’t be happy for them in the way I should. I feel hurt when I see them happy with someone else, instead of glad and supportive. Then I just distance myself because I can’t bear feeling the pain; not being the one that they’re caressing, and looking at in “that” way; the one that they’re excited to talk to, and get butterflies to see.
So I pull out of being in their life all together. Then they get the impression that I don’t care or want to be their friend. And that hurts just as much, because I do care so much about them.
I hate crushes, sometimes.

Someone come over and smoke a bowl or two or three with me…

And also…. could you bring the weed?